RAVE Music & FESTIVAL Fashion

We produce open-format rave music, create unique album artwork, and print the designs on all-over clothing so you can "Wear Your Favorite Music." When we DJ at shows, we can see the tunes you want us to play!



"We believe in PLUR for all Earthlings and Planet Earth; thus, we created a name that we could share with all ravers worldwide. We bring our positive vibes to the festival dancefloors from all backgrounds into the spotlight, and that's what PLURTHLINGS is all about. We started a hybrid record label, lifestyle clothing line, and creator/producer coaching platform called PLURTH to utilize music to fund the sustainable technologies of the future."

- Monsoon & Kahu, Co-Founders



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  • Eco-Friendly

    When possible, our clothing is sourced from natural, organic, or recycled materials.

  • Handmade

    All-over print products are cut and hand-sewn by our team in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Latvia, and Spain.

  • Cruelty-Free

    Our products, services, and our founders' lifestyles are vegan, plant-based, and entirely cruelty-free.

  • Customer-First

    We offer a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all purchases, plus Lifetime Support!


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Monsoon and Kahu are a creative force of nature. Together, they're bringing the fun back to dance music. They strive to 'be the change' they wish to see in the world. This holds true, whether they're in the recording studio, on the stage DJing, or working on visionary concepts for sustainability.

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Our Crystal Clear Commitment to YOU:

We'll support each customer with the same respect that we'd want for ourselves. Each person is unique, and we'll do our best to handle things reasonably. We wish to build a community of lifelong friends; thus, we guarantee our products and services for their entire lifetime.

At PLURTH, we only print items once an order is placed, resulting in less excess inventory than conventional manufacturing.

Sustainably Sourced. Protect the Planet.

We believe in living in harmony with the environment and all the creatures that depend on the environment—including the other 7 billion people who live on this planet. For us, that means supporting sustainability in several different ways. We will always keep evolving our processes, systems, and skills in order to be on the cutting edge of sustainability.

PLURTH now offsets all CO2 emissions associated with your order!

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  • "Friggin amazing!

    It's so cute! I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly! Love the clothing, the music, and the message!

    - Meredith L.

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  • "Cool Earthlings Wear Plurthlings!!"

    I love to wear my Plurthlings gear everywhere I travel!"

    - Davin D.

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  • "It's so cozy!"

    I got my new Plurthlings hoodie today!"

    - Allison M.

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